Saturday, November 07, 2009

Persistent paper pushing. . We should never reject the cause of the oppressed and defenseless.

Elle has already posted this little piece of dynamite now to practice it is a daily challenge to stay clear of getting beat down. Start practicing it my love,....... it is called DUE DILIGENCE and only you can do it 4 yourself! Just consider it a prerequisite for law school and moreso practice it to kick their a$$

Corpus Christi Law School

Ever mindful of stealthy encroachment, we learn to recognize modern day instruments of oppression.

1: We conduct ourselves as if we were in a class room at law school.

2: We develop tactics for dealing with those problems that define our age - like traffic tickets handed out by a camera.

3: We fight oppression.

4: We learn to write and file effective papers.

5: We sue those government oppressors, such as traffic cops and fake judges, who put a damper on freedom.

6: We use what is best from the "patriot movement". We seek authoritative patriot stuff.

7: We expose frauds - particularly uneducated book sellers in the patriot movement.

8: We urge people to take responsibility for their own litigation.

9: We provide proven successful examples, help at the beginning, and . . .. a group of lawyers and other bright folks who are doing the same thing!

Our tactics:

#1: The ancient and venerable Demurrer!

#2 Law of void judgments:

#3 42 USC 1983

#4: Guerilla Lawfare;
#5 Aggressive Patriot litigation,

#6: Ancient Writs

#7: Persistent paper pushing. . We should never reject the cause of the oppressed and defenseless.

Please see my top ten page to get an idea of the subjects that we discuss: We discuss driving rights, patriot theories, litigation, oppression, and remedies. If you want help with a legal problem please tell us the facts in a brief chronology and list of players (judge, lawyers, parties, witnesses) with phone number/addresses. Please clip your posts. Lawyers and experts: Please spell check and provide substantiation (case or statute)if possible. "I am a soldier so that my son may be a farmer so that his son may be a philosopher." - George Washington

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