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Dancing Politicos: Texas Monthly Web Press: Fil & Junior John ( the Two Juniors) dont give a hoot about a VA Hospital or Children’s Healthcare, they d

Dancing Politicos: Texas Monthly Web Press: Fil & Junior John ( the Two Juniors) dont give a hoot about a VA Hospital or Children’s Healthcare, they dont care about S TX

On the lamb........
Posted on December 23, 2007 at 07:27:59 AM by Borrego/Laurels Acres sold ....?title

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What a superficial column! This is never about anything substantive- never discusses any real political issues. This lady is just a groupie at council and commissioner's meetings, reporting the stupid things they do or say.

The last week of the year is when people are making their final decisions to run for office. Something could have been written about attorneys thinking of challenging the rude Judge Longoria or what happened about possible opponents to Juan Garcia but no she'd rather talk about nonsense. If she wants to learn more about what commissioners are thinking when they dress the same perhaps she can do a series hiding out in each politician's closet and watching and listening to them dress- and the Caller - Times can get someone to deal with the more serious issues.


Yes post 1 , it may be superficial , but is that earning the money we paid for them to "work harder"?

How much does faux "cleric" Tyne r Little earn? Enough for him to be elevated by the County Judge to "Reverend, are you all set?"

When did this happen? Dress rehearsal for another Loyd (Insurance) deal perhaps, but it was whatever "Kneel" wanted it to be.

What is 9/10th's of the law? Abandonment?

This is criminal why does Jaime Powell not report "eminent domain" this crime fraud? Paul Jones & Ennis Joslin land giveaway?

Or the Pat rick Birmingham CCCC discrimination?

"A-B-C.....easy as -free, it is wise to remember, no one rides for free.

We can always tell when you lie, your lips move.

Paid to fluff, all that is tough....

I'll take......
Posted on December 23, 2007 at 12:27:41 PM by Jaime Kenedeno

prime rib for 1000 Alex.

I mean, really..... we need to give Alex Garcia the boot and find somebody who will not only unite but to invigorate the State of the County Politics and engage the Citizenry of Nueces County Voters Voting.

We need to realize the one's who profit from division and it is not the average Nueces County Citizen.

We have State of the County events held with the publics money; yet the public was never invited.

We have the hyenas circling and making advances (but we do not see them). They are dressed in Lambs Clothing.

South Texas Chisme: Could it be true, Is Fil Vela involved with Connie Scott?


TLR hates South Texas, does that include Connie and her Hubby?

WATTS his name? Mike Scott?

The Two Juniors represent not a mainstream Texas but they represent the Transplanted Texans (like Bush) and the Elite Texans (like K.C.Rove).

Junior John will say WATT ever it takes to get re elected.

>Why hasn't anyone gone after Filemon personally as a way to derail Rose?
>If you go to and follow the instructions on finding out who
>gave to whom, how much, and when, then load up Filemon Vela as an
>Individual Search you'll see he's made significant contributions to two
>notorious politicians. Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) and Senator Robert
>Menendez (D-NJ). Hunter is an undicted coconspirator in the very same mess
>that sent ex-rep "Duke" Cunningham's ass to prison recently, and Menendez
>is currently under federal investigation for shady real estate dealings by
>renting a building he owns to a non-profit and pocketing $300, 000.00 in
>taxpayer subsidies.

Junior John is working with Fil Vela Jr. & Federal Prosecutors (in the Valley, CC, SA & Houston) to Manufacture White Collar Crime and use it as a Political Strongarm when the Political Strongarm should be accomplishments and the actual construction of a VA Hospital in the Valley.

Junior John has got to figure in this mix and Fil is the inroads (for Cornyn) into South Texas. We need to put a Big Stop Sign up in Robstown and inform them about Connie Scott as I understand Fil Vela is her campaign manager or treasurer and Mike Scott is a TLR guy with a title


nuts101 said...

wish you would start blogging on nueces county chair race. Provide some interest.

Jaime Kenedeño said...


I am having a hard time with this race as we have a few good men and women to choose from.

Carolyn is my neighbor and a very supportive ally. I believe she has more time to devote. Also, she always has some very good ideas. I am concerned with healing and uniting the people. I dont know that she is best suited for UNITING our members. Another area we will need to look into is in regards to the Socialist DINOS and re-claiming our Democratic platform back from the deceitful ones who Alex has handed over the control.

With Robert Zamora it will be good to see him in the Nueces Judiciary. I believe he is using the position as a stepping stone for which I find no fault. He will need to give us his word and keep it. What is the plan Robert Zamora.

Will you have the Party exterminated so as to rid us of the Yanquis, Socialist DINOS and specifically addressing the acts of bad faith committed with the intended malice and causing detriment to the lively hood of some Good Politicos. This element tried to divide us and the intent remains.

Lucy Rubio, .... Please remain where you are right now (CCISD Board).

I am hoping for resolve without hard feelings or hurt feelings.