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Corpus Christi Caller Times: After we finish with (this issue), Mr Mike Hummel will always remember to read the local internet and to give credit wher

Corpus Christi Caller Times: After we finish with (this issue), Mr Mike Hummel will always remember to read the local internet and to give credit where credit is due.

This morning I got a call that took me out on the streets. I needed a little punch so I put it on a Classic Rock Station expecting maybe some Hair of the Dog or War Pigs or maybe even Lovin You Sunday Morning or Proud Mary but it wasn't to be. I hear the end of a discussion with our Corpus Christi City Council Member stuck smack dab in the middle of that damn river.

WATT River?...........

Some begin to ponder, while there are others who know exactly where I am going with this River issue; after we finish with (this issue), Mr Mike Hummel will always remember to read the local internet and to give credit where credit is due.

You know with the Memorial Coliseum I have not the sentimentality or passion like many of you guys possess and concurrently I dont believe it needs to be torn down. I was against anything that TRT wanted to bring to this town in light of what they left us upon departure.

Some events and it might even be many events; cannot afford to use ABC Center; so it is not really a public arena like the Memorial Coliseum operated. Heck, many of us cannot afford to attend an event that is held in the ABC Center. So, tell us Mr. Hummel, Mr Burns and Mr Solis, will you make it affordable at least for our Local Goodwill Organizations like the Shriners to hold an event?

Currently, the ABC Center is out of our Local Goodwill Organizations reach because of price?

Now the Point at hand,

The discussion was about the Memorial Coliseum and specifically about the hiring of a consultant and if the City of Corpus Christi is going to follow WATT ever the Consultant recommended.

Corpus Christi City Councilman Hummel answered that the people have been included in the rounds of community input and public meetings.

The host asked if the Corpus Christi City Council was going to ask the consultant to include the input or if it will factor in.

Corpus Christi City Councilman Hummel quickly affirmed that the community's input has already been included.

The host then connected like Barry Bonds, Hank Aaron and the Great Bambino Himself; he asked Hummel if the Corpus Christi City Council is considering the input from all of the people at the Caller Times on the Coliseum issue?

Mike Hummel answers "I don't know anything about whats going on at the Caller Times".

The host says you dont know, you haven't read the article at the Caller Times about the Memorial Coliseum and the internet input and suggestions from the public, you arent going to consider that input?

Hummel studdered 3 or 4 times and then a couple more times and then he said we got, we got people, we got other people on that, I think, I'm not a computer guy , but I think they are calling them something like blogs, Im not a computer guy, or something like that. Then continued the D NILE of the POWER OF THE INTERNET and the reality that the People are beginning to Engage themselves in the Formulation of Public Policy. Since you cant hear us Mr Hummel, let me yell a little louder and maybe everyone else will as well.

Mr Hummel, that River's name; we call it D Nile, get out of it. In fact a big part of your electability came from the web community. Power of the Pen Mr Hummel. When coupled with facts only an idiot would be so ignorant to be unaware of what some people are calling blogs. The credibility (or not) is right there in black and white for everyone to read. Do you still want to claim that you havent tread the input at the Caller Times Community Input Forum? Although censored slightly it can give there are many souls participating. They are already pissed off and to think that our City Council is trying to act like they are unaware of our presence. That is unbelievable Mr Hummel.

Nothing Personal MR Hummel, but I do believe you have a little bit of homework to do.

"Engaging the average citizen in the formulation of Public Policy" is our mission @ Kenedeno & Associates. "The Net is a powerful force for change -- and a dynamic tool for citizen education and action. Read the latest research on citizen participation (ENGAGEMENT) online, the stories and experiences of coalitions, corporate clients, and others working in the cyber trenches, and discover the potential to become an active participant in online democracy.

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